Garland Standard Propagator

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The Garland Standard Propagator is made from recycled and recyclable plastic. The pack contains :

1 x 24 cell insert

1 x seed tray

1 x Propagator Lid / Dome

Simple to use and cost effective it can also be used for seeds and cuttings. 

  1. Fill each cell with seed and cutting compost
  2. Water well with a fine spray
  3. Place seed(s) or Cutting in each cell and cover with a layer of compost
  4. For faster germination place inserts into the seed tray and cover with the propagator lid
  5. As plants grow allow ventilation by propping open one side of the lid by approximately 1cm
  6. Place in a bright position but not in direct sun light
  7. Never allow compost to dry out, keep moist at all time