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Pro-Soil is a soil probiotic that contains the full range of beneficial microbes needed to regenerate soils, increase crop, flower and plant growth and minimize disease. Pro-Soil motivates the existing natural microbes in the soil in a regenerative direction replenishing the soil with its own natural ecology rather than introducing an imbalance.

Pro-Soil acts to benefit plants, crops and grasses in the following ways:

  1. Increased nutrient uptake by plants, grasses and crops, leading to a healthier, faster growing and more disease resistant organism. This means lower input (fertiliser and feed) costs, and increased efficacy from existing inputs;
  2. Repopulation of soils with a consortia of robust microbes which motivate the existing microbes in the soil in a regenerative direction. Pro-Soil is extremely effective in the rehabilitation of dead soils, and through correct continued use eliminates the need to let fields lie fallow; and
  3. Natural balancing of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium levels in the soil.